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Primevideo.com/mytv - Amazon Prime videos are only accessible if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. While Amazon users can enjoy some free shows without needing a subscription, much of what you find on the Prime Video app requires a paid subscription.

What is Primevideo.com/mytv Activation Code?

The Prime video code is a six digit activation code that shows up on your TV screen when you click on “Register on the Prime site”. Presently, the activation code is the thing that you will enter when you go to Primevideo.com/mytv and sign in to your Prime video 7-days free preliminary or paid record on the off chance that you have redesigned.

How to get amazon prime activation code on your TV?

  1. First of all you have to open Amazon prime app on your TV.
  2. Sign in with your amazon prime account credential.
  3. After that you will see 6 letter prime video activation code on your TV screen.
  4. Now copy of 6 digit activation code
  5. Now open your browser and go to www.amazon.com/mytv
  6. After above the steps you have to enter 6 letter activation code in the field Registration Code.
  7. After all you will successfully registered and activate Amazon Prime

How to activate primevideo.com/mytv using amazon prime activation code?

  1. Open your Smart TV application store and search for “Prime Video” application.
  2. Now download and install the application on your TV.
  3. Open the “Amazon Prime video application” on your TV.
  4. Click on “Register on the Prime site”.
  5. You will see the “Prime Video activation code” on your brilliant TV.
  6. Go to Primevideo.com/mytv enter code gateway.
  7. Sign in to your Amazon.com account.
  8. Enter the “Amazon mytv activation code” for what it’s displayed on your TV screen.
  9. Click on “Register Device” option.
  10. That is the means by which to effectively register and activate Primevideo mytv on TVs.